Editor's Notes

Conversations for the growing

I too, remember when I was younger and thought that I was meant to have it all figured out at a certain age.

I remember looking at the world with judgmental eyes. Convinced that ambition and tenacity would carry me to every goal because I work hard and that it would pay off – always!

I remember being naive. Not knowing that experience and life lessons would bring me to my knees over and over again, break my fears, push me to scale walls and challenge me mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

I didn’t know then that I could fall in love with so many things at the same time. Fall out of love and get my heart broken by best friends, never mind boyfriends. I didn’t know that my happiness was meant to be priority. That feeling safe goes beyond physicality. That my health comes first. Learning that grounding is just as important as day dreaming. That my heart can smile and that I should dance freely with the gifts presented in the little things.

I applaud that I know them now. I stand proud in my present because the journey has not ended.

You will keep learning about yourself. Anothers timing is not your own. Your journey is your gift alone. Walk freely in it as you were always meant to.

Editor's Notes

Are you running your own race?

The track is endless.  The winds blow the banners further.  Lanes sway continuously.

The race of life is slow and short.

While heads are buried to lazy feet, we are startled by the figure that has moved into our lane.  Our lane!  Our life lane!  The gaze from stagnant heels moves to lift and pounce to protect our territory!  Mid-air, your shadow moves over the darkened silhouette.  Dust!


A cough and wheeze escape.  It was nothing more than a shadow.  The shadow of the person running next to you.

A glimpse up reveals the figure ahead of your reach and sight – you caught nothing more than your perception of someone else in your lane.

Are we distracted by the next person, instead of running our own race?

If we are feeling stuck, is it possible to reach out and ask for help?

We’re opening the conversation around what holds women back in running the life race?

Whether it be our career journey, family life, friendships or the enemy within.

What holds you back from thriving, moving forward and asking for help from another woman, when you need it?