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Finding Safe Spacey

There are two ways of spreading light – to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

– Edith Wharton

The open air is brittle fire, freshly lit. Smoke moves around several conversations, while a silent yet thrilling Charlie Chaplin is projected onto a white wall that disappears into the black sky. “That Night” reads the title. I cannot help but linger on the irony. The birth of motion pictures in the 1900s was monopolized by men and still is. But tonight, Obviouzly Armchair is about the women, the Becoming of us, her…you.

Just a head turn to the left of the entrance sits a magical space of red velvet curtains. The spotlight brushes the stage ahead of tiny rows of chairs, set for what looks like a feast. A silver guitar lulls the spaces while an angel, later introduced as Aviwe, woos the microphone. As the room fills it feels like a revival. Each seat holds a friend, a family member, a stranger in full support of spoken word. We are here to celebrate expression.

We Are Becoming hosted their first open mic event at, Obviouzly Armchair in May this year.

Lerato, a self-described introvert takes to the stage. “Set an intention and what you want to get from tonight.” The room falls into a silent thought.

Anesu, opens the floor with a shattering poem that meets us with powerful honesty and truth.

The night continues with a revelation of talent, quiet laments and honour in a beautifully innocuous space of pure expression and support. It is refreshing. It is needed. This is important!


The individuals of, We Are Becoming have created a platform focused on supporting and empowering young women. With precise goals and intention, this group is creating valuable events like, Safe Spacey. They are providing social support through their blog and building a community where most of us do not feel part of one.

The importance of such a movement lies in its intention. It takes a village to grow a child. But young girls grow into young ladies and we still need to be protected and guided in our becoming. Strong yet comforting hands are needed for molding and holding through the pains and cries of experience. It is important that women learn to take care of each other – even if we just listen to each other.

We applaud, We Are Becoming on their brilliant work. Visit them on the following pages and get involved:

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