Editor's Notes

Are you running your own race?

The track is endless.  The winds blow the banners further.  Lanes sway continuously.

The race of life is slow and short.

While heads are buried to lazy feet, we are startled by the figure that has moved into our lane.  Our lane!  Our life lane!  The gaze from stagnant heels moves to lift and pounce to protect our territory!  Mid-air, your shadow moves over the darkened silhouette.  Dust!


A cough and wheeze escape.  It was nothing more than a shadow.  The shadow of the person running next to you.

A glimpse up reveals the figure ahead of your reach and sight – you caught nothing more than your perception of someone else in your lane.

Are we distracted by the next person, instead of running our own race?

If we are feeling stuck, is it possible to reach out and ask for help?

We’re opening the conversation around what holds women back in running the life race?

Whether it be our career journey, family life, friendships or the enemy within.

What holds you back from thriving, moving forward and asking for help from another woman, when you need it?

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